John G. Fernald, Economist

I am the Schroders Chair in European Competitiveness and Reform and a Professor of Economics at INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France. I am also a Senior Research Adviser for international economics at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (on leave). I have spent almost 30 years in the Federal Reserve System, combining policy analysis and academic research. At INSEAD, I teach macroeconomics in the global environment for the MBA program, and I also present on the global economic outlook for executives. I have also taught macroeconomics at Booth, Wharton, and the University of Michigan. 

My research interests include applied macroeconomics, U.S. and global productivity trends, and emerging Asia. 

Email: john.fernald (a) insead.edu

Disclaimer: The material on this website does not necessarily reflect the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco or the Federal Reserve System.